Remote Learning

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Pine Lane Elementary

Remote Learning Guidance and Resources


General Expectations

  • Students should follow the school schedule as they would if attending in person, to the best they are able.
    • Synchronous (active live learning and instruction) is occurring during our normal school hours 9:10 am - 4:00 pm
  • There will be learning opportunities that do not require students to always be on a device.
    • Independent Reading and Writing
    • Independent practice for Math
  • Asynchronous (recorded) lessons are available each day for Math, Reading and Writing. These apply directly to the work that students are being asked to complete
  • Asynchronous (recorded) exploratory materials are available for Science and Social Studies unless embedded within EL Modules or your Literacy block
  • Students will access their learning through their teacher’s Google Classroom or SeeSaw account.
  • Please contact Heather Bellovary ( if your child has been exposed to COVID - 19 or is experiencing symptoms aligned with COVID - 19
    • DO NOT come to the building to pick up materials if
      • You have been exposed or are experiencing COVID -19 symptoms
      • You have been advised to quarantine or isolate


Parents to Teachers

  • If you have any questions or concerns or need support with anything related to your child’s learning, please reach out to your child’s teacher first by email.
    • Please give your child’s teacher 24 hours to respond to your email.
  • If you are unable to reach your child’s teacher and need assistance, please call the school.
    • North Campus 303-387-8275
    • South Campus 303-387-8325


Teachers to Parents


  • Your child’s schedule for the day will be communicated in each teacher’s Google Classroom or SeeSaw. This will include:
    • Assignments and activities
    • Synchronous and Asynchronous learning
    • Specials class links
    • Double Specials class links
    • Video lessons
    • Intervention support
    • Small group links
  • Any student issues that arise during the day may be communicated via email and/or phone call



  • You can expect to receive communication from your child’s teacher each Friday between 3 and 4. This will include:
    • The following week’s plans at a glance
    • Possible materials pick up
      • Pick up at South Campus outside east entrance door located in filing cabinet labeled with grade level
      • Pick up at North Campus outside east entrance door in filing cabinet labeled with grade level


A student will be marked present if any of the following apply...

  • Student is present at all google meets for the day


  • Students access asynchronous instruction and completes assigned work for the day within the 5 day participation window.
    • This will be evidenced in Google Classroom or SeeSaw.
  • Please be in regular communication with your child’s teacher if your child is unable to attend meets or something impedes their ability to complete work

If your child is sick or unable to attend school remotely, we ask that you continue to call our attendance line to report the absence and reason. The attendance line numbers are 303-387-8327 for South Campus and 303-387-8277 for North Campus

Attendance Resources:

Grading & Progress Reports

Grading will continue during remote learning.

Teachers will report out on Elementary Progress Reports (EPR’s) for this semester.

Progress Reports can be viewed beginning December 18, 2020

  • To view
    • Log into your Parent Portal
    • Select your student(s)
    • Select “EPR”
    • Select “Most Recent EPR”

Helpful Hints and Resources