PLE Lightning Dismissal Procedures

PLE Lightning Dismissal
PLE Lightning Dismissal

If a lightning dismissal is called, the following will occur:

  • You will be notified via email, text, and phone.  YELLOW FLAGS will also be visible in the pick up lane. Please ensure that you are signed up to receive all communications (click on “More” in the left hand column) 
  • All students will be held in their classrooms until it is safe to travel outside to their final destinations.  
  • We will coordinate with DCSD Transportation and BASE on when it is safe to release. E-mail and text alerts will be sent upon release of buses.
  • If your child walks home or you pick up your child, you need to come inside to the front office to check out your child. Please bring your QR code with you to help ensure the efficiency of this process.  
    • You may park in the North and South parking lot. Please see map
    • If you use the pick up lane please follow our regular traffic pattern alternating lanes. 
      • Do not exit your car until you are at one of our stations at the front of the line. 
      • Depending on the severity of the weather, we may or may not have school personnel directing traffic.
    • If you have children at both campuses, please start at South campus; bringing in your QR code. (take a picture with your phone to always have it available)
      • This scan will check out your children at both campuses’. 
      • After you have your child/children at the South Campus, you will travel to North Campus where your child/children will be ready for you at the North office.  
    • PLEASE NOTE: Once lightning has cleared the area, we will release students to walk home or be picked up as normal.

We will call a lightning dismissal as soon as we know that lightning is in the area and close enough that it is unsafe. As soon as lightning dismissal is called, you can come to school to begin to get your students.