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August 26th, 2022
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Good Afternoon Pine Lane Crew, 

Principal Stairs

Tomorrow is our 50th Anniversary Celebration! We are so excited to see everyone tomorrow and celebrate our school’s rich legacy.  We have many former students and staff planning on attending.  We will have a scavenger hunt, Pine Lane Trivia, collaborative art projects, bounce houses, music, and food trucks.  This will be an amazing time to reflect and stay, “Grounded in our roots. Pine Lane proud! 

Next week on Wednesday , August 31s at 4:30 pm, we will hold our first SAC/PTO meeting.  This meeting will be held in our Innovation Lab of our North building.  This will be held in person. We are exploring some streaming options for those who cannot make it in.  A special congratulations to Eric Woldeit who was elected for his 2nd term on SAC.  We are thankful for all of our candidates willing to support our school in this role.  

We had a phenomenal week and are truly getting into our instructional rhythms.  Kindergarten had a lot of fun celebrating their annual Color Week.  Grade levels have worked hard to decorate hallways highlighting the various decades.  We held two assemblies hearing stories from former students and former staff members from Pine Lane's past.  

Our fall fundraising is well underway.  Thank you for your support of these efforts. Online sales are currently around $21,000.  Our overall goal is $100,000.  We are wanting to use these funds to update our students’ classroom furniture.  The goal of $100,000 corresponds to the approximate cost to furnish 4 classrooms which would be one grade level.  Please continue to encourage your child to talk to friends and family.  If you would prefer to make straight donation, you can do that here: PLE Fall Fundraiser Donations

Thank you all for your help as we launch this year!  Have an amazing weekend and I hope to see you all out tomorrow!

Chris Stairs
Pine Lane Elementary

Labor Day
Steps to help us reach our goal: 1. Register your students at www.shopfund.com 2. Share the fundraiser with family and friends 3. Make your purchases or donations
For Questions please reach out to [email protected]


Here's what's happening in STEM: 
In August we focused on using the Engineering Design process to solve problems. We started with playdough sculptures of things we like, a Lego build, and contributing to a school wide mural.  Kindies worked on making their names out of STEM tools, first grade created something new from a square of paper, second and third grade created a playground out of paper, fourth grade tried some paper engineering and created catapults and fifth grade made paper habitats, and sixth grade designed a plant for a specific environment. 
Our discovery classes also learned about paper engineering as well.   In September, we will be celebrating Dot Day and books by Peter Reynolds. We will be using cardboard for box projects, board games and mazes. Please send in shoe boxes or flat cardboard no bigger than 18 x 20, as well as paper towel tubes for our projects. There are containers outside the STEM lab at South and The Innovation Lab at North  to drop them off. 
Donate to STEM
Donations Needed:  I am looking for more paper towel tubes, flat cardboard pieces ( 18 x 20 or smaller) and dominoes for the month of September. Does anyone have any I can borrow for our next unit?  

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Destination Imagination
Pine Lane Elementary will be participating in the upcoming 2022-2023 Destination
Imagination season. Please plan to attend the parent and student information session to learn more about the program.

We’ll have two Team Managers sharing 
information and stories from their last season where the team competed at Regionals, State and Global Finals!

We’ll also demonstrate an “Instant 
Challenge” testing your creativity and teamwork just like the students experience.
The information session will be
September 12th from 4:30pm to 5:15 in person
and we will offer a virtual meeting from 5:20 to 6pm.

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