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Student Council 4th - 6th Extended Application Date



Upcoming SAC/PTO Meeting - 8/21

Pine Lane Parent Crew, 
We would like to formally invite you all to our first SAC Meeting on August 21st.  The meeting will be held in the Innovation Lab at North Campus, starting at 4:30 pm.  At this meeting, we will be discussing the purpose for SAC, communicating school priorities, updating you on our continued work with EL Education and the potential for full partnership, and setting goals for our work this year.  
Also, please be aware of our SAC website linked here:  PLE SAC.  Here you can find when our meetings are scheduled, information on our elected SAC members, SAC contact information, our current agenda, and our past meeting minutes, You can also follow SAC on facebook at the following handle @pinelanesac. 
Our PTO meetings also back up to this meeting as well, so feel free to stick around and learn about ways to get involved.  You can also follow our PTO on facebook at the following handle: @pinelanepto.
Thank you all for your continued support of Pine Lane and we hope that you are able to join us!
Chris Stairs (Principal) and Chester Shaw (SAC Chairperson)


Parking Lot Information

First of all thank you for your patience and attention to safety during our drop off and pick up times.  I also want you all to be aware that today is Pre School's first day.  Pre School ends at the same time as all of our other students.  Their pick up procedures require parents to come to the classrooms and sign their child out each day.  This means we will have up to 30 extra cars at pick up of whom will need to park in the west end of the parking lot. 
With this is in mind, please abide by the following: 
  • Keep the inside lane open through the South Campus Pick Up Area, so that Pre School parents can get into the parking lot. 
  • Arrive to pick up your child after 3:55pm.  Our car lines will not begin moving until 4:00pm when we dismiss students.    
  • If you are coming into the building to pick up your child, do not leave your car unattended in the pickup lanes.  Please only use the parking lot between both buildings.  
Again, thank you for attending to the safety of our students, staff, and parents in the parking lot.  Here, too, is a link to our Pick Up Traffic Patterns: Traffic Pattern - Pick Up.  Hopefully, this is helpful information!
Chris Stairs - Principal

Assessment Day is Tuesday August 27th -
  • Please note there is no school this day for students, only for testing times.
  • This day will be used to do some small group and individual assessments. 
  • It will be broken into the following four time slots that you can bring your child in for: 
    • 8:50-10:20
    • 10:30-12:00
    • 1:00-2:30
    • 2:40-4:10
  • Each teacher will have about 6 of their students during each time slot and each grade level will be partnered with a specials teachers.
  • Also, please note that if your child is in our Discovery program or SSN program you will receive separate communication concerning the plans for that day.
  • Lastly, for those families who may not be able to arrange child care for the remainder of the day that their child is not at school, our BASE program will be open to help support. If you are interested in this option, please contact Sally Smith at sally.smith@dcsdk12.org.
Copy and paste this browser to schedule your students assessment time.


Thank you,

We are excited for the 2019/2020 school year to begin.

Please take a few minutes and review all events happening in August here!

Monday Aug 5th is Back to School Night from 5pm - 7pm!