Posted on 09/01/2022
PLE PIK MY KID Dismissal Process
Thank you, to the families that have downloaded the PikMyKid App and using the QR codes that were provided to you by your student’s teacher.
We do need ALL Families to complete this process.
If you have not had the opportunity to set up your account please complete this process by the end of the day today.  Instructions are noted below.
School Dismissal Options & Times
At this time the options for dismissal are, Car Line, North Walker, South Walker, Kinde Walker, BASE, Bus and the Imagine Day Care Bus.  All Students were defaulted to Car Line so please amend your student to what their “Normal” dismissal mode will be.
Dismissal Times:
  • 3:55pm: 
    •   Car Line – Parent Pick Up Lane
  • 4:00pm: 
    • North Walker & South Walker– students are dismissed from the class room and can walk home or meet parent/guardian/designated adult at a designated meeting place.
    • Kinde Walkers – Kindergarten Students are dismissed to the South Campus East Door  please ensure you have your car tag with you when picking them up.
    • BASE (Before and After School Care)
    • Bus
    • Imagine Day Care Bus
Making Changes to Students Dismissal
  • If your student has a change of plans for evening dismissal, please ensure you have changed it in PikMyKid by 3:30pm so that we have ample time to adjust and communicate.  
Announcing / Checking In your student
Parents can only announce at school, during the set dismissal hours beginning at 3:30pm
Make sure your phone's location services are enabled on both your phone and your PikMyKid parent app.
  • Car Line - Stop at the stop sign and select the GREEN ANNOUNCE button on your Pick Up tab.
  • Walkers – Parents need to “Check In” on the parent App, select the GREEN ANNOUNCE button on your Pick Up tab.
Please follow the direction of staff outside, be patient and know that this system is new for all of us, staff included.   Below is a copy of our Traffic Flow as well as our basic Arrival and Dismissal procedures.
Any questions or concerns regarding PikMyKid  please call or email Vickie Reynolds – 303-387-8278 [email protected]