Traffic Procedures


Drop-Off and Pickup Procedures Document
Please do not drop off children before 9:00 a.m., as there will be no adult supervision.  As children arrive, they need to proceed to their class line-up area where they wait quietly and talk with friends.  This is not a time to play. 

K-6 Morning Drop-Off        9:00-9:10

The student drop-off lanes are continuously moving lanes of traffic so no parking is allowed and the driver should stay inside the vehicle.  A shuttle service is provided to lessen traffic before and after school for a fee of .50 per ride.   Students may be taken to Sierra Middle School in the morning to ride the shuttle from SMS to Pine Lane.  If you choose, you may park in a legal parking spot and walk your child to the building. We do not allow children to walk through the parking lot unattended.

Kindergarten Mid-day Pick-Up      12:10-12:15

The Kindergarten teachers will bring their students outside at 12:15. Those whose parents are waiting for them at the flagpole will be released to the parent.  Each teacher will continue on to the student drop-off lanes and deliver students to their cars.  Once a child is with the parent/designee, it is the parent’s responsibility to monitor the child’s safety.

Kindergarten Mid-day Drop-Off    12:55-1:00

Parents may walk their students to the class lines outside of school or drop them off from the student drop-off lanes beginning at 12:50.  We ask that no children be left without adult supervision before 12:50.  The Kindies will line up in their class line, and be brought into the school by the teacher.     

K-6 After School Pick-up     3:57-4:10