Health Room Visit Guidelines

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Things Health Room Personnel Can Do:

▪ Administer medications as delegated by the School Nurse Consultant (see State Medication
▪ Provide basic first aid, comfort, and supervision to students in the health room and
document in Infinite Campus.
▪ Emphasize health education when caring for a student. Teach students how to clean their
own scrape, cut or manage a nosebleed. Promote self-care.
▪ Maintain accurate records of students requiring care in the health room. Include time,
concern, treatment, and disposition.
▪ Remember any information you learn about the student at school is confidential.
▪ Always use Standard Precautions when caring for a student.
▪ Care for minor injuries and illnesses according to recommended procedures of the school
district and the American Red Cross / American Heart Association. You are only to give
basic emergency care. Refrain from making a diagnosis or suggesting treatment.
▪ Know your school’s SRP (Student Response Protocol). This includes lockout, lockdown,
evacuate, and shelter in place procedures. Remember the student in the health room is still
in your care during these times.
▪ Students who have been hit in the head or above the neck should be observed for a
minimum of 30 minutes. “Teacher Notification of Head Injury” and “Parent Notification of
Head Injury” forms must accompany the student back to class and home. See “Head Injury”
section of the Health Guidelines manual and forms.
▪ Notify parents of all eye injuries, head injuries and injuries to or pain involving the teeth.
▪ If in doubt about the disposition of a student, call the School Nurse Consultant.
▪ If a parent needs assistance in getting medical care, call the School Nurse Consultant.

Things Health Room Personnel Cannot Do:

▪ Refrain from making a diagnosis or suggesting treatment
▪ No administration of herbal or homeopathic preparations
▪ No removal of splinters / ticks
▪ No splinting
▪ No ace bandage application
▪ No butterfly or Steri-Strip application
▪ No antibiotic ointments without medical provider’s order