EPR - (Elementary Progress Report)

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Elementary Progress Report
Families can access their student's EPR via the Engaged Parent Portal.
Parents/guardians will use the same username and password they use for access to the IC Parent Portal. 

Elementary Progress Reports (EPR’s) are released at the end of the 2nd quarter, prior to winter break, and the end of the 4th quarter, prior to summer break, in EngagED each school year.
This document discusses “Essential Skills” potentially being specifically addressed. At this point, as a school we are not delineating from them from academic standards.  Essential Skills are really embedded in each standard.  Your child’s progress on those essential skills are addressed in the reported grade for the standard. 
If you would like to review the academic standards for your child, please check out this site:
2020 Colorado Academic Standards.

 Instructions & Support

In most cases, parents/guardians will first see a Highlights page for the EPR that is a school selected summary of that semester's report card. To see the Full Report Card, parents/guardians can click on the "Go To Full Report Card" button in the upper right corner. 
Once logged in, parents and guardians will see a student card for all students enrolled in the district. For all elementary students, parents/guardians will see a Most Recent EPR link. 


From the Full Report Card view, parents/guardians can return to the Highlights view or can elect to access/download/print a PDF of the current report card using the buttons in the upper right corner.


If you are in need of technical support, please email 
[email protected] or call the DCSD IT Support Center at 303-387-0001.