Health Guidelines

Our Staff
South Campus: Kim Galesic
North Campus:   Amy Pamenter
District Nurse: Jennifer Kester

Our school health room is managed by our health room assistant who has received special training (First Aid, CPR, Universal Precautions).  She is not a nurse and cannot diagnose medical problems.  A nurse consultant oversees the training of our office staff and our student health records.  She comes to Pine Lane regularly for these purposes.


Public schools are governed by strict laws and rules regarding the dispensing of any kind of medication at school.  Parents whose children require medication must provide the school with a form (available in the school office) signed by their doctor that specifies exactly what medication and what dosage the child is to receive.  All medication is kept in the school office under lock and key and is dispensed only by trained office personnel.  The office keeps a log of all medication dispensed at school and will notify parents when a child’s prescription is running low.  Students are not to bring any kind of prescription or over-the-counter medication from home other than a single day’s supply of cough drops. 


Several students in our school have a severe allergy to all nuts and nut products. As with many children who have this allergy, even contact with another person who is consuming nut products can be of serious consequence.

We are asking that parents keep this allergy in mind when sending a treat to school and that in particular, no treat for sharing be sent with nuts.  Please notify your teacher if you are sending in a treat that may contain these allergens so that prior arrangements can be made for the safety of these children.

A table in the cafeteria has been made available that will be nut-free.  A student may not sit at this table if he/she has a lunch item that contains nuts or nut products.  Please remind your student of this, especially if he or she is bringing such a lunch to school.  

Thank you for your help in this very serious matter.