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Express Check-In is a Douglas County School District application that allows parents to update household information, sign off on district forms, update health conditions and select school fees. This application helps prevent families from having to manually enter a full batch of information for numerous children in the household when checking in prior to the start of the school year. 


How Do I Access the Express Check-In System?

During your window, please log into the EngagED system using your Infinite Campus Parent Portal credentials.   Once logged in, you will be presented with information for each of your students. Please complete the check-in process for each of your students individually. 

Parents will need to add “” to their current user names when logging into EngagED. 

For example, when you log into EngagED, if your current user name is absmith, that will be changed to [email protected]

Your password will remain the same. 

If you need to change your password or manage your account, you can do so on the DCSD website here.  If you run into difficulty logging in to EngagED after the login process change, don’t hesitate to reach out to the DCSD I.T. Department by clicking here, or calling 303-387-0001.

What if I Do Not Complete Express Check-In Prior to the Start of School?
Express Check-In is intended to be a convenient way to update your household and contact information, sign important forms for the school year, sign the current Student Code of Conduct handbook, apply for bus passes (if applicable), and pay any fees. If you are unable to complete Express Check-In prior to the first day of school, your child will still be able to attend school as normal. Not completing Express Check-In will not affect your child’s enrollment.

Can I Find My Child’s Teacher Assignment and/or Schedule within Express Check-in?

You will NOT find information about your student’s teacher assignments, class schedules, etc. in Express Check-In. Details about how to access that information, and when, will come directly from your child’s school.

How Can I Apply for a DCSD Bus Pass?
The bus transportation link can now be found on the landing page when you log into the EngagED website. The link will only appear if your child is eligible for bus transportation. Families who are eligible for DCSD bus transportation (student has a valid AM and/or PM route in our systems) will be presented with an opportunity to apply for a bus pass. Eligible families who received a bus pass in the past few school years just need to select a billing option in the tool. The annual billing option is available until September 30, 2023 at which time all billing will revert to quarterly billing on a per-ride basis. We encourage parents to sign up for SMARTag notifications via the SMARTag Parent Portal.

Payment of Fees
After completing Express Check-In for all of your students, you will click through to MySchoolBucks to select optional fees and to pay all required/optional fees. Instructions on how to access the system are linked below. If you have previously paid for school lunches you should already have an account for this system. If not, please follow these instructions to create an account.

Link to MySchoolBucks Payment System -

Quick Reference for MySchoolBucks Payment System
For MySchoolBucks payment processing system help, please call the MySchoolBucks parent support line at 855-832-5226 x2048.

Who do I contact if I have issues?
Contact your school or the Summer Student Records Helpdesk at 303-387-0016. For issues and questions regarding student fees, please call Business Services at 720-433-0085. For issues and problems logging into your Parent Portal account, please visit our Parent Portal Information page.

Do both parents need to login?
Only if the two parents live in two separate households. The parent that is in the household identified as the primary household must complete Express Check-In.

Do parents in both household complete the same forms?
Parent in the secondary household will see only their household information, optional forms uploaded by the school, volunteer forms and fees. The parent in the primary household will see their household information, all district forms, optional forms uploaded by the school, volunteer forms and fees. 

How can I be sure that I completed Express Check-In?
The Express Check-In application includes completion tracking with a percentage complete status bar to track progress. If parents are unable to complete the check-in process in one session, they may return to the process at a later date (before the window closes) without losing their progress. Once all pages are completed/reviewed and the status bar reaches 100 percent, parents will provide an electronic signature affirmation that officially closes out the check-in process for the student. Please note that Express Check-In must be completed for each enrolled DCSD student.

We are looking forward to having your student(s) back in August!