New Student 1st - 6th

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To Ensure your student is to attend Pine Lane, please check the DCSD 
Boundary Maps.

1st - 6th Grade Enrollment Process

  • If you are new or returning to the District, complete Online Registration (OLR)
  • If you already have a student (or are moving) within DCSD, contact your current school and our Registrar to start the process
  • Email questions to our Registrar, Rashel Hinchliffe - [email protected] 

The following information needs to be included when you submit your Online Registration...

  • Student(s) Birth Certificate
  • Student(s) Immunization Record
  • Proof of Residence: examples include a Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, Tax Notice, Lease Agreement, County Assessor Page or the Notarized Letter form from the person you are living with if you are living with someone and your name doesn't appear on the proof of residence (their proof of residence must be provided with the Notarized Letter at the time of enrollment)
  • Once we receive your information from OLR and complete enrollment, you will receive a Welcome Email from us with your student/s class information and details about PLE