Covid-19 Health and Safety

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DCSD uses a layered approach with multiple health and safety mitigation measures. If one mitigation protocol is not possible, the other layers remain in place, keeping students and staff as safe as possible.

DCSD elementary schools will have normal class sizes. Therefore, six-foot social distancing will be unlikely to occur within our classrooms.

Guidance from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Colorado Department of Education states that elementary students do not need to meet the six-foot distance in classrooms, and that normal class sizes may occur.

The following health and safety protocols will remain in place:

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) does not recommend that universal symptom screenings such as temperature checks be conducted by schools. However, parents are encouraged to partner with us in keeping students healthy by checking their child’s temperature each morning before they leave for school. Should your child have a temperature of 100.0 or greater, or display other symptoms of illness, please do not send them to school. We encourage families to print this At Home Covid 19 At Home Screening and Symptom Checker for Staff and Students  , post it on their refrigerator, and use it as a point of reference when determining whether your child should go to school.

Each classroom will be considered its own cohort group. Classes will stay together for lunch, recess, etc. and will be kept separate from other classes/cohorts of students to the extent possible. Exceptions may occur for intervention and special education groups. Cohorting minimizes exposure within the school and makes contact tracing faster and more efficient.

All DCSD students and staff will continue to be required to wear cloth face coverings over the nose and mouth, unless there is a documented and approved health or education reason for not wearing a face covering. Students are not required to wear face coverings during outdoor activities such as recess, or while eating meals.

Students will be provided dedicated time to wash their hands, such as before and after lunch and/or recess. Students and staff will continue to be encouraged and reminded to wash hands regularly, use hand sanitizer, avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, and properly cover coughs and sneezes. In addition, hand sanitizer stations will be located in a variety of locations throughout every school.

Regular cleaning and disinfecting protocols will continue, which include.

    • Equipment and any shared materials used in specials will be disinfected prior to the next cohort’s use.
    • Touchpoints (i.e. door knobs, light switches, etc.), as well as tops of desks, tables, and countertops are disinfected throughout all buildings on a daily basis.
    • Playground equipment is disinfected on a daily basis.
    • School buses are disinfected twice daily.
    • Teachers and staff will have disinfectant supplies, including disinfecting spray, available to them to clean high touch areas regularly.
    • Staff will limit the sharing of student and staff supplies, devices, toys, learning aids, etc.
  • The circulation of outdoor air within district buildings, via mechanical systems, has been increased.

Visitors to DCSD buildings will continue to be extremely limited. In cases where a visitor must enter the building, the visitor will be required to check in at the front desk, have a temperature check, and wear a face covering at all times.