Fundraising Opportunities

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Fund Raising Opportunities for PLUM

NOTE: If you think you will need assistance with your students PLUM Payment, we ask that you participate in all fundraising activities. 

Holiday Pies and Snacks

Students will have the opportunity to sell Holiday Pies and Snacks. 
Your student will directly receive 40% of whatever they sell. 

  • Sale Begins:  Thursday Oct. 28th
  • Sale Ends:     Thursday Nov. 11th -

DELIVERY DATE:  Tuesday December 14th or Wednesday December 15th 

You will recieve an email with the delivery date!

Get Started here: Fundraising Cart Information 

Register, then email at text 10 or more supporters and share on social media DAILY!


PIE Fundraising Brochure

Sweet Snackin Brochure

King Soopers Card

We hope you are using your King Soopers Loyalty Card and have registered Pine Lane Elementary to make purchases to help with your students PLUM Payments.   We use our King Sooper Revenue for the year to help offset PLUM Fees. 

You will be notified by March 15th 2022, the amount of scholarship that each student will receive due to the funding we have received through March 1st from our King Soopers Funding.

You can also ask for your direct contributions to be applied by following the directions below: 

  • Link your King Soopers card to Pine Lane Elementary
  • What do you need to do to get credit for those King Soopers PLUM Payments?
    • EASY! Just TAKE a Screen Shot of your Community Rewards page which shows your ‘Last Quarter Donation’, and fill out this form and attach the screen shot.
  • Detail Information can be found here