PLUM Payment

Since we have the opportunity to offer both the 2-day and 1-day, please select your payment option carefully to ensure you are paying for the option you want your student to participate in.  

All the King Soopers Card revenue we have received over the last 18 months is allowing us to provide Scholarships to all students for $50.00 each.  If you have been participating in the King Sooper Reward program and believe your scholarship should be more, please submit your quarterly earnings statements here

  • 2 day option:  $124.00
    • King Sooper Scholarship:    $50.00
    • Total Payment for families:  $74.00
  • 1 day option at PLE:  $55.00
    • King Sooper Scholarship:  $50.00
    • Total Payment for families:  $5.00

Payments can be made via My School Bucks here.  NOTE: You are able to make partial payments until your portion is paid in full if that is easier on families.
Full payment is required by May 1st.  Please contact Vickie Reynolds if you need to make additional arrangements.