PLE Holiday Opportunities

Holiday Shop

Thanks to Wes at the Coffee Shop, Parker Adventist Hospital, and our own PLE Crew we are able to offer the opportunities below to help assist families for the holidays this year.

If you would like to participate in either of the of the opportunities below:
  • The Christmas Store at Parker Adventist Hospital
  • Have your Family Adopted
Please fill out this form:  PLE Holiday Opportunities by Friday november 11th.


  • This is a time for children to shop for Christmas gifts for each member of the household and themselves.
  • One letter will allow all children K-12 in your household to shop
  • Letters will be sent home to families Nov. 16th - 1th
  • You have to have the physical letter to participate
  • In order to claim a spot at The Christmas Store you MUST CALL and register between Nov. 18th - Dec 1st

We have a limited number of letters to hand out to families. If our requests exceed the quantity we have received we will have a drawing to determine the recipients of these letters.


If you have specific needs and would prefer to be anonymous please indicate you would like your family to be adopted.

Your information will be shared with a Social Worker that has worked for PLE for many years in this position, and she will contact you.

This is an opportunity for families to come to Pine Lane and select items for their own family based on the items that have been collected.

Families do not need to be registered to participate. Just join us!

PLE Holiday Shop
Monday December 19th
4:30pm - 7:00pm
North Campus Gym